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About Designs To Infinity

About Our Company:

Designs To Infinity has evolved to cater to women who are looking for that perfect handbag to express their individuality, while accommodating their active lifestyle.  Women serve in many capacities-- from the career-oriented, the socially committed, to the busy mom.  Having a handbag that captures a woman's personal style, and is functional for the role she is taking on allows her to feel self-confident and at her best.

Designs To Infinity offers a wide range of design choices and handbag options. Sequins, beads, embroidery, imagery and other embellishments adorn these beautiful, handmade creations.  The handbags are constructed with the finest fabrics, yarns, and hardware. They are the perfect accessory to allow a woman's uniqueness and individuality to be expressed-- created especially for her!


About The Designer, Lore Ross:

Lore Ross developed an affinity for fashion at an early age.  Her first experience at sewing was at about the age of six when her mother exposed her to hand sewing.  She found it very fascinating, and would make creations for her dolls, draping fabrics on them and hand sewing the garments in place.  By high school, she was creating her own designs for school formals and for everyday fashion.  Her love of  fashion continued through her adult years, and her sewing machine was always set up and ready for the next project.  She would make garments for friends and family who requested her services for special occasions.

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing from California State University, Fullerton, and a career in sales and marketing for more than ten years, Lore continued to have a burning desire to pursue fashion professionally.  This ultimately led to her decision to go back to school and obtain formal training. 

Lore earned her degree in Advanced Fashion Design from California Design College in Los Angeles.  She went on to work as a Production Patternmaker for a high-end golf and resort-wear manufacturer in Los Angeles County.  She later advanced her career as an Assistant Designer for another resort-wear manufacturer.  She eventually went on to teach at the college she attended, as a Computer Illustration Instructor.  Working as an instructor proved to be rewarding and challenging.  Lore felt that teaching others aspects of design was a way of sharing the knowledge she gained while working in the industry.  The satisfaction of watching students blossom from beginner students to working professionals in big-name, reputable apparel companies is what constantly motivated Lore to teach.  Having become a parent during this period, she made the decision to take time away from her profession to become a full-time, stay-at-home mom to her small children.

Five years later, Lore returned to her passion to meet her biggest professional challenge yet-- as the owner and designer of her handbag company, Designs To Infinity. 

Most recent, Lore has established a couture line of purses and accessories, under the name of Lore Ross Designs.


How To Contact Us:

Phone:            (888) 66-DESIGN     (888-663-3744)

Address:         Designs To Infinity, P.O. Box 800442, Santa Clarita, CA  91380

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